AI and the Economy: my articles and videos

updated 4/2/2024


AI And The Economy: What Has Changed?

AI And The Economy: Overview Of Job Losses And Gains

AI And The Economy: Potential Gains In Industries, Occupations And Tasks

AI And The Economy: Which Companies And Industries Will Avoid Artificial Intelligence

AI And The Economy: Industries That Will Expand Employment

AI And The Economy: Healthcare Will Have Huge Productivity Gains

AI And The Economy: Customer Service Jobs Will Be Cut, Quality Improved

AI And The Economy: Better Marketing And Sales Good For Consumers But Not Statistics

New York City’s AI Plan: What Other Municipalities Can Learn

AI And Business Strategy: Experiment And Find Specific Apps

What Companies Using AI Need To Know About The Sam Altman Reshuffle

AI And The Economy: Why We Don’t Have AI-Powered Personal Assistants Yet

AI And The Economy: Business Models Will Change Rapidly

The Future Of Work: AI, Remote Work And The Labor Shortage

AI And The Economy: Manufacturing’s Benefits Are Mostly Outside The Factory

AI Market Structure In The Future: Few Engines, Many Applications

AI Implementation In Business: Lessons From Diverse Industries

AI Will Transform Manufacturing Robotics—Eventually

Artificial Intelligence And Inflation: A Volatile Relationship



AI and the Economy: What’s Different?

AI and the Economy: Big Picture on Job Losses

AI and the Economy: Industries, Occupations and Tasks

AI and Business Strategy: Experiment and Find Specific Apps