The Businomics Newsletter for June is out with with charts on the economic forecast, savings, sales of new houses, operating margins, business cost trends, gold price, interest rates and the stock market.

My quarterly economic outlook presentation with Pat Stone, chairman of WFG, is available online. (4/18/2024)

I was interviewed on the economy and how business leaders should think about it on Neal DiPentino’s podcast, “Business Breakthroughs.” (3/6/2024)

Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Bruce Hurwitz interviewed me for his Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd. podcast. (1/31/2024)

My forecast was part of the Electrical Distributors’ Economic Roundtable. (1/2/2024)

I was interviewed on the Smart Money show about the economic forecast, inflation and interest rates. It’s a Portland-area show, but most of the discussion applies nationally. (12/13/2023)

The AWCI (trade association for the wall and ceiling industry) quoted me on their website about mortgage rates locking in homeowners and the likely increase in remodeling. (12/1/2023)

CU Management quoted me about coming weakness in credit union loan volume, credit standards and the need for flexible strategy given the uncertain economic forecast. (12/1/2023)

Pallet Enterprise quoted me regarding housing and economic indicators. (11/1/2023)

I was interviewed on the Measure Success Podcast, touching on risk of recession, the labor market, inflation and interest rates. (9/6/2023)

I was quoted in Landscape Business about the likelihood of recession. (8/21/2023)

I was interviewed on Ag View Solutions’ podcast, The Ag View Pitch, about the economy and how it impacts farmers, with Chris Barron. (8/19/2023)

I was interviewed on the Association 100 Podcast about trade and professional associations’ exposure to recession, how to manage the risk, and the connection between economic risk and showing members the value of the association.

I was interviewed on The Association Podcast on how economics impacts trade and professional associations. We touched on recession, how to assess risk to association revenue, and contingency planning. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

The Chronicle described my presentation in Centralia, Washington through a long article and cool photo. (5/22/2023)

I was quoted in the Albuquerque Journal about stagflation. (5/1/2023)

I was interviewed on the “Moments With Foo” podcast talking about filtering out the noise regarding the economy to focus on the facts most important to your business. The interview inspired my Forbes article, “The Economics Tavern For Business Leaders Focusing On Profit.” Watch The Video or Listen to the Podcast

Podcast interview: I spoke with Tom Cock on Talking Real Money about recession, interest rates and the future of work. (1/28/2023)

Cayman Islands residents saw me quoted in Loop about the Federal Reserve’s upcoming interest rate decisions. (1/29/2023)

I was quoted in Milwaukee Tool’s One-Key newsletter about the weak outlook for non-residential construction in 2023. (1/27/2023)

I was quoted in the Brazilian agricultural magazine DBO saying the recession’s arrival would not be immediate. (12/19/2022)

The Businomics Newsletter for December 2022 is out, with charts on employment, consumer sentiment, layoffs, home sales, capital spending, foreign exchange rate, interest rates and the stock market. (12/7/2022)

I was quoted in CU Management about credit unions and the economic outlook, specifically regarding home prices and automobile sales. (12/1/2022)

I was quoted in Pallet Enterprise: “The labor market’s going to be tight for years to come,” forecasted Bill Conerly. (12/1/2022)

I was podcast interviewed on monetary policy, business strategy, the latest jobs report, U.S. housing market, reshoring of jobs from China, inflation, and much more, by Bill Almond for the Adhesive and Sealing Council. (10/19/2022)

Turkish readers can see a summary of my article about human resources management in recessions in DÜNYA. (10/18/2022)

I was quoted in Archinect about housing sector recession. “‘Expansive monetary and fiscal policy over-stimulated the housing sector, and now tighter monetary policy is pulling that back,’ Conerly added. ‘Unfortunately, roller coasters fit in better at amusement parks than in residential neighborhoods.’” (10/13/2022)

I was quoted in Indonesia’s about the global economy, highlighting my comments about China prioritizing political control over economic growth. (9/30/2022)

I was quoted in Vision Monday, a magazine for eye care professionals, about consumer spending. (9/9/2022)

Construction Dimensions quoted me on inflation, saying that management now has to devote more time to coping with changing prices. The same article was picked up by The Shop (for car performance businesses), Turf News and Brushware (for the brush, broom and mop industries).  (8/9/2022)

ResortTrades quoted me in their coverage of how time share resorts can keep profits as costs rise. “Businesses are very hesitant to raise prices when they don’t have to,” they quoted me. “And they often get push back from their salespeople. But the fact is, buyers are accustomed to seeing price increases in inflationary times.”

I was quoted in Realty Times about cash buyers being sensitive to mortgage rates. (6/19/2022). “Bill Conerly reports cash buyers react similarly to buyers who get a mortgage because their cash can be tied up in stocks and bonds. Those interest rates move up and down as mortgage rates do.”

I was quoted in Musical Merchandise Review. (6/6/2022): “Business-to-business sales can survive a year or two without trade show exposure, but the value of increased sales will eventually win out relative to costs savings.”

I was quoted in the Asbury Park Press about Starbucks unionization. (4/28/2022)

I was quoted in Hong Kong’s The Cup about adversarial cooperation, a method to uncover important issues in major corporate decisions such as acquisitions. The article is in Chinese, but Google does a good job of translating. (4/7/2022)

I was interviewed on The Tanya Acker Show, aimed at a non-business audience. Listen here. (3/31/2022)

I was interviewed on DistributeED with tED magazine for the National Association of Electrical Distributors. Listen here (3/29/2022)

I was quoted in BedTimes (a journal about sleep products) about supply chain challenges. (3/18/2022)

I was interviewed on Damian Mason’s Business of Agriculture podcast on YouTube and SoundCloud discussing the economic outlook and what it means for farming and agribusiness. (2/24/2022)

I was quoted in Construction Dimensions on the economic outlook for 2022, inflation and supply shortages. (November 2021)

I was quoted in a Voice of America story about China’s birth rate. (1/20/2022)

I was quoted in the Trinidad Express about China’s economy. (1/15/2022)

I was interviewed on the economic outlook by Julia Anderson and Pat Boyle, (1/14/2022)

I was quoted in Credit Union Management on the 2022 Lending Outlook and The Great Wealth Movement. I was also quoted in Pallet Enterprise on the 2022 Economic Outlook. The same article also appeared in Bed Times. (12/1/2021)

Supply chain problems and Christmas shopping: topic of my KGW News interview. (10/27/2021)

I was quoted in Chinese in an article about China’s Decline Theory. (10/20/2021)

Podcast interview on Measure Success with Carl J. Cox. We discussed challenges to the economy from labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, shifts in spending from the pandemic, and how to keep focused on business when constantly inundated with information. Video on YouTube or Audio only. (10/11/2021)

I was interviewed about supply chain economics for a news feature on product shortages for CBN television. (9/30/2021)

I was quoted in Aqua Magazine (for spa and pool professionals) about the supply chain problems in manufacturing. (9/28/2021)

A Hungarian news site quoted me on the computer chip shortage and supply chain economics, reminding me of a wonderful visit to Budapest. (8/5/2021)

A Greek news site quoted me on timber prices. γειά σου. (7/25/2021)

I was quoted in the Fiscal Times about the end of the recession. (7/19/2021)

I was quoted in a BBN Times article by Daniel Hall, How Might Trade Shows Be Held In The Post-Pandemic Era? (7/14/2021)

The New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof mentioned my January article about Portland, finally joining the Wall Street Journal and USA Today by citing my work.

The Businomics Newsletter for April 2021 is out, with charts on employment, Covid vaccinations, household net worth, new home sales, capital goods orders, corporate profits, junk bond spreads and the stock market. (4/5/2021)

I was interviewed on the G&T Podcast with Andrew Turner. We talked about how I got to be the economist I am, then my forecast for the next year, 5 years, 10 years and beyond. (1/22/2021)

I was interviewed on the Dan Proft show, nationally broadcast, about Portland’s challenges regarding housing, homelessness and riots. (2/4/2021)

HR Daily Advisor quoted me regarding Biden’s labor policies. (2/2/2021)

Greenhouse Grower cited my work on slow population growth. (1/17/2021)

Resort Trades quoted me on the economic outlook for 2021. (1/12/2021

Feedstuffs quoted me on the economic outlook. (11/17/2020)

The Vietnamese news site VTC News quoted my Forbes article about the economy under President Biden. (11/8/2020)

Bermuda’s daily newspaper, The Royal Gazette, quoted my article on what the stock market may be trying to tell us about the economy. (8/22/2020)

Chinese readers can see my article on the stock market and the economy on That article was also reprinted in English in the United Arab Emirates’ BQ Magazine. (8/5/2020)

If you read Portuguese, check out GQ’s Brazilian edition quoting me on WeWork. (No photo; they missed their chance to show Brazilians real style.)

“A Business Path Through the Recession” was the subject of my interview on the Credit Risk Ready podcast with Linda Keith, CPA.

Micronesians read an article in Marianas Variety that quoted me on foreign holdings of dollars. (5/15/2020)

My Forbes article on What Is Essential Business In A COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place Order has been commented on by local papers including the Toronto Star and The Trinidad and Tobago Daily Express

The Trenchless Technology newsletter quoted me on the subject of housing starts and population growth. (1/28/2020)

The retail forecast in Aqua Magazine quoted me on the economic outlook. (1/3/2020)

report on convenience stores quoted me on the tight labor market: “It’s not a convenience store problem—it’s an overall economic problem.” (12/29/2019)

I was quoted in Bed Times about the economic outlook. Been a big fan of beds all my life. (12/5/2019)

Slovakian readers saw my Stay Interview article translated from, bringing back pleasant memories of my visit to Bratislova. (12/2/2019)

My article “Good News on the Global Forecast: Politics Is Not the Economy” was published in the European Financial Review (3/26/2019).

Jewelry manufacturers read about my advice on preparing a recession contingency plan in MJSA Journal (subscribers only). (1/15/2019)

Czech readers can “czech out” my thoughts on the risk of recession in

Vietnamese readers can see me quoted in about oil prices.

My article on Business Opportunities and Challenges in Russia was translated into Russian (10/3/2018) and summarized by Russian website Realnoe Vremya (10/17/2018)

The Wall Street Journal published my letter to the editor on bank capital standards  (8/29/2018)

The trade journal Source Today quoted me on managing supply chains during trade wars (8/29/2018).

My article “Open Offices Still a Mistake …” was translated into Italian for

Finnish readers can see a summary of my highly-viewed Forbes post on employee retention:
Karkaavatko työntekijäsi muihin työpaikkoihin? – Näin pidät osaajista kiinni. If your Finnish is rusty, here’s the English: Retain More Employees With Stay Interviews.

I was quoted in NACS Daily (for the convenience store/gas station industry) about the value of contingency plans.

I was interviewed by Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate radio show. Topics included what we can expect for the economy in 2018 and the demographic challenge to businesses trying to find employees in the coming years.

I was interviewed on After the Closing Bell re state of economy and how it connects with stock market; I begin at 12th minute.

Still relevant is my post Death of Strategic Planning.