Dr. Conerly was a member of ALCO, Credit Policy Committee and chaired the Strategic Planning committee while a senior vice president at First Interstate. He has helped financial institutions develop strategic plans and business models as well as evaluated market potential. Consulting clients include Bank of the Cascades, O Bee Credit Union, and Vencore Capital.

Dr. Conerly has spoken to state banking associations across the country, credit union associations, as well as national trade associations and companies in financial services. Many banks invite him to address their clients, management teams, and boards of directors. Speech clients include Banner Bank, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, and Washington Federal.

On multiple occasions we have engaged Dr. Conerly to facilitate, and more importantly, stimulate strategic planning sessions. He artfully brings the complexity of economic consequences to light, and is also is a veteran voice of objectivity. And his ability to inject humor keeps the energy and teamwork a priority!

Greg Newton

CFO, Cascade Bancorp

Every time you spoke, we got business.

Chris Rasmussen

Washington Trust Bank, Bank of the Northwest