Bill’s Approach

Bill Conerly helps businesses adjust to change and anticipate change. He began exclusively with economic change: recessions and booms, regional economic cycles, industry cycles and so forth. He learned that companies also faced changes in technology, social attitudes, government policies and competition, and that similar tools could be used across all of these categories.

For some companies he helps develop strategies to reduce risk and fully capture benefits of change. Other companies come to him with a specific question about a change in the economy or some other area.

He also acts as a Sounding Board for business leaders who want an outside perspective. Here’s a story that illustrates the value of a business consultant as one who asks good questions.

Every company is different, and every change is unique. You will get a result customized to your particular situation. It may be formatted similarly to other projects, along the lines of his Economics and Strategy methodology. In other cases, he creates an analytical structure just for your business.

Our goal is increased profit in up cycles and reduced damage in down cycles.

My clients are invariably smart and knowledgeable, but they are also very busy. I can usually help them find missed opportunities to grow sales or reduce costs.

Bill Conerly