Dr. Bill Conerly quickly dials in to the challenges faced by any industry. He begins by understanding who uses that industry’s goods or services, and how the economy impacts those users. He next determines the resources that the industry uses: labor, raw materials, equipment, credit, whatever is important to the industry. With that background, he gets on the phone with industry leaders to learn the challenges they are facing and the opportunities they see. Finally, he combines this industry knowledge with his economic forecast, as well as best practices from other industries for meeting the challenges and opportunities of this industry. This “outsider’s perspective” on the industry invariably hits the mark with insights that audience members can use immediately in managing their businesses.

Industries served in the past have included include agriculture, energy, real estate, small business, telecom, trucking, wholesale trade and forestry. He also speaks to general business audiences, including small businesses.

For regional audiences, he studies the area’s statistics and then presents “an outsider’s perspective” on how national and global economic trends will impact the local area. Comments from audiences range from “Spot on” to “I never looked at it that way.”

Seems no matter where I go, I hear you talking – and always doing a great job with different material well tailored to the audience. Very impressive!

Alan Shiffer

World Vision