Nimble Management in an Uncertain Economy

The Tatum firm held a webinar, "Planning to be Nimble in 2011" with some interesting take-aways. Here are my favs:

  • Businesses should use more "check points," examining them frequently. With greater uncertainty about the economy, recognizing deviations from plan early is vital.
  • Supply chain risk is increased by the economic uncertainty, a point I've hammered away at for a year, as in my post "Economy in Recovery: Will Vendor Performance Limit Your Rebound?" and "Vendor Performance in the Economic Recovery: 5 Lessons."
  • Flexible staffing is important at all levels, not just at lower level positions. However, your top performers need to be well taken care of. Their alternatives will improve, and you can't let them get away from you.

I think the topic of planning to be nimble is vital given the increasing cyclicality of the economy. I think the webinar is worth listening to. Here is more information about Tatum.