Employee Performance: Measuring to Reward Success

Labor markets are tight.  It’s important to retain your best employees.  But  who are the best employees?

That question is tough.  A recent article in Business 2.0 magazine helps employers get a handle on employee performance.  I liked the article from its opening line:

"Let’s be honest:  Most performance reviews are a joke."

Couldn’t have said it better myself, but then the article describes some online services that help bosses improve their measurement of employee performance.

Imagine this:  you allocated you bonus pool so that your best employees were very motivated to stay.  You wouldn’t even have to get rid of the worst employees to see improved results overall.  Just retention of the top performers and normal attrition of everyone else will give your organization a shot in the arm.

In a tough, competitive economy, you need to measure performance as well as it can possible be measured.