Businomics is Out!

I held it in my very own hands at my local Borders. 

Businomics connects the dots between the economy and business decisions.  If your are an executive or a business owner who reads the economic news, but isn’t always sure how to relate that news to your business decisions, Businomics is for you. 

First, it gives you a framework for understanding economic fluctuations in different parts of the economy.

Businomics helps the business leader evaluate the company’s vulnerability to recession.  The book explains how to set up a company-specific early warning system.  A check-list for economic contingency planning is provided, along with an explanation of how to get the flexibility needed to cope with a downturn.

Economic risks vary in different regions of the country, foreign activites, and certain industries.  Businomics explains how to cope with these risks.   

A chapter on  the stock market explains what investors as well as corporate executives need to know about the relationship between the economy and the market.

Not all Borders have it on the shelf yet, but you can check ahead.  I spot checked a few Barnes & Nobles, and they had it, as well as
Portland’s great bookstore, Powells.  Until we get our shopping cart
working, you can order by emailing me:  Bill@ConerlyConsulting.com.