Business Cards

It’s about time for a new batch of business cards, so I downloaded an e-book on the subject, that I found well worthwhile.  It’s called Business Cards Front to Back, available from Big Mike McDaniels at a price that is reasonable, given the benefits from having effective cards.  If it saves you from one mistake, it’s probably worth 100 times the price.  Give it a look.  I’ve found Big Mike a great source of wisdom on small business advertising and marketing.

Some tips seemed obvious to me, until I realized how many times I had seen people make mistakes:

Throw ’em Away When ANYTHING Changes

If one itty bitty snippet of information on your card changes, the cards are
obsolete and should be pitched and new ones printed, pronto.

Other tips made me stop and think about how I could increase my business:

Have a Plan

A business card can be your most effective marketing tool, but only if you
get them into the hands of those who need what you offer. POLan your