Business Planning With a Risk of Recession: Strategic Initiatives

I posted a video about how to do economic contingency planning for the risk of recession with respect to your business's strategic initiatives on my page. Here's the introduction:

The economic forecast has a major weirdness. Most of my colleagues and I think that this year will bring light-to-moderate growth, but we’re also warning of the possibility of a recession triggered by the European financial crisis. How do you, as a business leader, prepare your company for growth if it occurs, but also protect it from recession?

So you had a planning session, maybe an offsite. If it was at a nice resort in a sunny climate, then you should have invited me. I love helping companies with their planning. Anyway, there are two types of results from a planning session:
1)    Goals for key financials, such as sales, expenses and profits, or
2)    Key strategic initiatives, the big over-arching efforts your enterprise will undertake this year. I’m going to talk about those strategic initiatives in this video, then discuss how you deal with routine business processes in the next video.