Investment Information: Good Advice in Easy Format

In my free time I am chief-economist and co-founder of  We have just launched version 2.0 of our investment information website. Here are the cool things we're proud of:

  1. Our lessons, the "ABCs of Your 401k", are available in text, audio or video, and they use "drill-downs" so you only get the details as you need it; the rest of the time you get a high-level overview of nine key topics.
  2. Our personal financial assessment gives you recommended goals. Why take a quiz and get a letter grade or percentage score when what you really need is an action plan?
  3. MyPage helps you keep your goal and next action step at the top of mind, as well as links to your account information, investment performance, handy calculators. (You need to sign up, because we'll be keeping track of some of your information.)

Let me know what you think of