Our Health Care Mess: David Goldhill Understands the Economics

I'm trying to avoid the health care issue, but it's getting harder and harder.  Just getting good, clear information and insights is tough.  But the Atlantic (I think they've dropped the Monthly from their name) has a dynamite article by David Goldhill.

The title of the article is stupid, so much so that Mrs. Businomics (an M.D.) tossed the magazine aside.  However, that's a mistake, because Goldhill really understands health care economics, and he writes in a clear, lucid manner.

Goldhill's policy prescription is jolting, but probably as good as we can accept, given that our society does not want to let people who make bad choices die.  More importantly, Goldhill explains how the common health care reform proposals will not work at all.

So who is this guy?  He's apparently CEO of a television company, the Game Show Network, according to Barron's.  And his article is widely quoted in the blogosphere.

If you are only going to read one article on health care, read this one.