Small Business Financial Crisis

The world of finance for small and medium businesses was changing even before this year's financial crisis–but now the changes are galloping.

Money is moving around the world like never before.  When you borrow money, even from an American loan officer working for an American bank, the money may well have come from China or Kuwait.

Securitization of business is common–and you may never know that your loan is being securitized.

On top of these on-going trends, we're in a financial crisis triggered by the housing meltdown, subprime collapse, and now a general credit crunch.

I know things are tough for small business, so I wrote a short e-book that explains what's been happening, why the melt-down happened, and what business owners need to do now to get credit in the coming years.

(My ebook website is no longer available, but I'll email a free copy upon request.)