How to Apologize

Jet Blue messed up its flights this week, after a stellar record for great service.  In an era where CEOs say they are "taking responsibility" with a statement blaming others, Jet Blue CEO David Neelman talks straight.

(Hat tip to Church of the Customer.)

The key is to state what is going to change to make this problem not happen again.  I once heard a presentation by a CEO to a group of institutional investors.  He had recently taken a hit to earnings due to fraudulent transactions, and he spoke as if in a trance.  He kept repeating, "They stole from us," while saying nothing about changes in procedures that would protect the company in the future.

If you are ever in this awful position, go to your customers, investors and staff immediately.  Apologize.  State how you will prevent a recurrence.

Another great idea: doing it on YouTube.  It’s fast, cheap, and good videos spread like a virus.  Good job, David.