Business Conditions Stable, On Average

A little-noticed business survey from Tatum LLC shows stable conditions, which is improved from last September. 

Tatum (as I understand it) provides senior level executives on a part-time basis.  Many smaller companies face a challenge hiring, say, a CFO.  Some of the work the CFO would do demands lots of experience and expertise.  But for a smaller company, much of the CFO’s work would also be mundane.  So do you pay a lot for a high-powered CFO who is under-utilized, or get by with a bookkeeper who’s in over his head with financial strategy?  Tatum’s solution is to provide you with the brains you need on a part-time basis.

Their survey covers the 700 partners who are work in a much greater number of businesses.  I like the breadth of the survey, and that it surveys people doing hands-on work in companies.  Here’s their summary this month:


Their full report is here.