Strategies for Dealing with Tight Labor Market

We’re still trying to find time to write up our list four top approaches to hiring in a tight labor market, but the Wall Street Journal discussed an interesting twist on one key strategy:  offering more flexible work arrangements.  (Article here, but subscription required.)

The interesting twist is that (if I may be permitted some broad generalizations) women are motivated by flexible work arrangements, but are hesitant to accept them for fear that they’ll be in a work environment in which they are not perceived as pulling their own weight.  If flex time is only used by women, there’s bound to be some friction between the sexes over who’s pulling their weight.  But if men are using flex time, then women feel more comfortable taking flex time themselves.  So companies are using men in their advertising about family-friend workplaces.

Business Strategy Implications:  Labor markets are still tight.  One good strategy for dealing with tight labor markets is to offer more flexible work arrangements, to attract people who would otherwise shun a job with rigid work schedules.  However, the deal has to be fair to both existing and new employees.

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